Unit 4.07 Soho Works The Tea Building 56 Shoreditch High Street London United Kingdom E1 6JJ

Independent Financial Adviser in London


Our capital city has been the financial hub of the country since the Middle Ages and, arguably, of the world since the 18th Century.

KLO Financial Services may be a recent arrival, but we are proud to have an office situated so close to the heart of the “City”.  This allows personal engagement with the investment managers, analysts and bankers of the world’s major financial institutions.  It also means we are able to develop links with other major professional services, such as accountants and solicitors.

Based in Shoreditch, our London office is part of the landmark Tea Building, built by Liptons in the 1930’s.  It incorporates the older Biscuit Building (no, we’re not making this up!) also built by Liptons.  This offers KLO Financial Services a big, modern and interesting space in which to operate and meet with clients.

To get in touch, please call 01926 492406 or email us on The first meeting is always at no cost to you and with no obligation. Talk to a local London financial adviser today and find out how we can help you.