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Financial Advisors in London


The three key aims of our local London financial planners at KLO are to provide you with integrity, quality, and tailored advice.

By choosing us, we promise to make you and your needs our sole focus when providing you with the local financial advice you deserve. We are transparent, knowledgeable, and make sure to fully understand you and your needs before we give advice of any kind.

Our goal-focused approach means that we’re able to provide the best possible local financial advice to help you achieve your aims.

See how our local financial advisors in London can help.


Our locations

With three locations across the UK, it is our job to ensure that our local financial specialists are on hand to help no matter where you are. As an independent financial planners in London, we will provide you with the highest quality, up to date service right on your doorstep.

The financial hub of the UK, London is the perfect location for one of our personal finance offices. Though our London office is a recent acquisition, it has proven to be a huge success, and our central location has been invaluable when it comes to our London financial planners developing links with other major finance professionals, such as accountants and solicitors.

Situated right in the heart of our capital city, the London KLO office is located in the landmark Tea Building in Shoreditch, built by the Liptons in the 1930s. It provides us with a large, modern, open working environment and an easy-to-reach location which makes it simple to meet with our clients.


Our offering

Financial advice is a long-term process that is built upon the idea of reaching your goals. From budgeting to insurance, mortgage payments, retirement, and everything in between, our experts will create a fully tailored plan built around your financial needs.

You probably have several ideas of what you want to use your money to achieve, and these goals are different for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking to retire early, provide for your children at university, or travel the world without worrying about work.

The local financial advice from our London financial planners will help put you in the best possible position to achieve them, and we will hold regular meetings with you over our work together to ensure that you are on track.

We will help you manage your personal finance through effective tax planning (including Inheritance Tax), retirement and pension planning, investment strategies, and more.



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