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How Can Personal Financial Planning Help Me?

Personal financial planning is a long-term, ongoing process that includes all aspects of organising your finances; whether that’s budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning or tax planning. It refers to the process of financial management and providing advice and services to individuals.

Specifically, personal financial planning is about meeting personal goals, whether that’s building your investment portfolio, or paying for your children’s university fees. In many cases, our independent financial planners will work with clients for many years, assisting them with their personal finances as they experience life changing events.

Your personal financial planning is dependent on many factors: income, expenses, living requirements and individual goals and objectives. In terms of financial planning for business owners and their respective businesses, the process is similar, however the focus may be on how you want the business to evolve and flourish.

Regardless of whether you are looking for individual support or business guidance, the process involved with personal financial planning means that we can execute a plan that allows you to fulfil all your needs, within your financial boundaries.

Why Is Personal Financial Planning Important?

Personal financial planning is important as it gives you the means to manage your money in order to achieve personal monetary satisfaction. When you or your business is thriving financially, we can ensure that we are safeguarding your wealth for the future, providing you with financial security.

Personal financial management is a disciplined approach to not only managing your money but also reaching life goals. Our financial planners will work with you for years to come so that they can understand you and your financial needs in order to provide solutions that keep you financially comfortable.

What Can KLO Financial Services Help Me With?

We help a variety of individuals and businesses across a portfolio of services, including, but not limited to:

  • The need for adequate family protection in the event of death or ill health;
  • Retirement planning
  • The tax efficient investment of capital for growth or income;
  • Saving for long term goals;
  • Mitigation of tax liabilities, including inheritance tax.

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We are always eager and available to meet with you to discuss your financial objectives and assess your current strategies. No question is too big or too small. The first consultation is always free and comes with no obligation. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert financial advisers, get in touch today.

Why Should I Choose KLO Financial Services?

At KLO Financial Services, our personal financial planning process has been developed over many years, enabling us to provide honest and knowledgeable financial advice. We consist of a team of experienced and talented advisers who offer bespoke financial planning services and form strong, longstanding relationships with our clients.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We understand that everyone’s financial situations are individual and unique, which will affect the personal financial planning route that we choose to go down together. Rest assured, we will always tailor our solutions and ongoing management to your specific immediate and long-term plans.

  • Strong and Genuine Relationships

    In taking the time to understand you, we can form strong relationships with a constant two-way channel of communication. Because of this, our clients feel comfortable in talking to us about anything they may need, including altering their personal finance management solutions to their changing needs.

  • Qualified and Expert Team

    With KLO Financial Services, you will have direct access to our highly qualified team of specialists who are experienced in dealing with complex financial affairs involving substantial income or assets. With broad knowledge of the financial market, we will keep you up to date with any changes that may affect you.

What Are The Benefits Of Personal Financial Planning?

At KLO Financial Services, we share a passion for the importance of wealth management. Here are five powerful reasons why financial planning, with the help of an expert financial adviser, is critical:

Improved Income Management

Regardless of your circumstances, a smart and powerful benefit of personal financial planning is that you can utilise all the funds that you have in order to build a better future. This can include us looking at your personal income and outgoings, or, evaluating the assets and liabilities of a business. Using this information our financial advisers will work with you to provide thorough personal financial management solutions, to suit your individual circumstances.
Planning well in advance of all taxes and outgoings that you are liable to pay gives you a clear picture of your remaining funds, allowing you to make informed choices.

Increased Investment Management

A well-considered financial plan assists you in selecting investments that are beneficial to you, based on various factors including your personal circumstances, objectives and risk tolerance. Personal financial management acts as a guide in helping you choose the right types of investments to fit your needs, personality and goals.

Long-Term Goals

With the assistance of a financial planner, you are given the ability to have a clearer long-term view of your finances. This could include everything from your personal account, to your business’ allocation of funds. A financial planner will be able to analyse your finances and report on your future.

Improved Financial Understanding

Better financial understanding can be achieved when measurable financial goals are set, the effects of the decision understood, and the results reviewed. Personal financial planning gives you a whole new approach to your budgeting and improves your control over your lifestyle.

Increased Security

If you’re an individual, one of your main goals may be to provide your family with financial security. Financial planning management can do just this. Having correct insurance coverage and policies in place can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones, should anything unexpected happen.
As a business owner, using financial management solutions can ensure that your business is always protected, even in the most unpredictable of circumstances.

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

Although you might not have any solid plans in place for the future, you are likely to need the finances at some point in life for either your own personal endeavours, or for those of your family. Even if you don’t know what specific goals you are pursuing, financial management can help you decide and reach them, through continued support of such elements of your finances as investments and retirement planning. Therefore, the sooner you involve a financial planner, the better.

It’s also never too late to create financial goals to give yourself financial security and freedom. Get in touch with KLO Financial Services and we will provide you with the best personal financial management solutions for you.

The simple answer is no. At KLO Financial Services, we offer accessible and personal plans and services for clients who have never worked with a planner before. In fact, our first meeting is always at no cost to you and with no obligation.

At KLO Financial Services, we don’t just supply a financial plan and then take a back seat. To ensure the maximum impact from financial planning, we maintain an active role in your personalised plan, whether that’s through financial solutions such as investments, or planning for retirement. The duration of our relationship is up to you. Many of our existing clients have been with us for years, as we advise them through different life changing events.

Your financial goals might include early retirement, travel, or building a business. Regardless of the aim itself, you will need to use financial management solutions in order to help you get there.

KLO Financial Services will lead you through the entire process and help you determine priorities. We understand that as your life changes, so will your goals. Therefore, we will continue to work with you to identify changes and how this will alter your plans for the future.

Not unless you want it to. At KLO Financial Services, we are with you for the long haul. Personal financial planning is a continual process, and so we offer continuing services and periodic reviews. This is how we have developed many long-term relationships with our clients.

The answer to this question is down to you, as it depends on your own personal circumstances and how involved you wish to be. Generally, you should aim to see a financial planner once or twice a year, and more often if you are going through any major, personal life-events such as marriage, divorce or the birth of a child.

If you’re interested in investing, the first thing you need to decide is what you are trying to achieve – are you hoping for a short-term or long-term returns? Depending on your answer, your investment process will change. In order to find out more about investing, click here, or call us on 01926 492406.

What Our Clients Say?

KLO Financial Services

My annual review of my finances with David Jones was, as always, a pleasure. David always answers my questions clearly and reassures me with the knowledge he has. I enjoyed our meeting and greatly appreciated his gentle manner and demeanour. I would highly recommend David Jones to other people.

KLO Financial Services

James has been my financial adviser for several years now, and I am continually impressed by his customer care, knowledge of the market, and attention to detail. During our regular face to face meetings, my finances are discussed and reviewed in a clear and practical way. If I have any questions, James is always on hand with easy to understand advice. And every decision we make together is promptly followed up. I can’t recommend James and KLO Financial Services highly enough. They are a company who genuinely care about their clients, and I feel comforted to know my finances are in such safe hands.

KLO Financial Services

I couldn’t be more pleased to have James Glavey at KLO as my financial adviser. He is doing really good things with my portfolio, but above all I trust him to do so and this is paramount for me.

KLO Financial Services

Dan has been ultra professional , explaining all my options in a straightforward way and his customer service and that of KLO has been first rate .

I would highly recommend Dan and the team at KLO.