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Why Responsible Investing?

As financial advisers, we understand our responsibility to offer financial solutions that are ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

Ethical investing is the investment strategy in which you apply your values to your portfolios. Your strategy is will be developed with the help and advice of one of our specialist financial advisers. Our advisers have many years of experience in ethical investments.

This means we have access to an abundance of products and investments that not only suit your financial goals but are also in line with your morals and principles.

Over the last few years, the processes involved with ethical investments have evolved considerably. With this, our approach to analysing investment opportunities that are socially responsible and consider environmental, social and governance opportunities have evolved too.

Ethical Funds

Ethical funds will not invest in companies or industries that don’t meet their moral criteria. This may be companies that cause damage to the environment or are weapons manufacturers.

There is often the misconception that ethical funds which incorporate environmental, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) characteristics will perform worse than those without such fund restrictions. This is simply not true.

At KLO Financial Services, we believe that these issues in investments make financial sense. Numerous studies find a link between a company-level ESG performance and their financial performance in particular. There is also evidence which shows that taking ethical investing into account, you can be protected from some risk.

In fact, investing in companies which consider the impact of their stakeholders may improve long-term performance as their products may command a premium in the market and so they are less likely to be sued. Their employees are also likely to be much happier and therefore more productive.

Ethical investments are an important part of investing in helping to change corporate attitudes. With KLO Financial Services, we aim to help you consider the impact of your investment decisions and to return a profit while educating and influencing corporate behaviour.

At KLO Financial Services, our investment solutions are tailored to your unique financial situation. We take the time to understand why you are investing and how much you are looking to invest. We are here to guide you with the best choice and help you manage your investment portfolios.

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