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How would your business cope if certain key people became critically ill or passed away? What would happen if your business partner passed away and their shares were inherited by their family? Would they sell them to you? Could you afford to purchase them?

Our experienced team can help you understand better financial planning for business owners and recommend appropriate solutions from across the whole market, such as key person insurance, shareholder protection insurance and relevant life assurance.

We often work in collaboration, particularly when trusts are being used, as this joined-up approach ensures your business’s future is protected.

Key products:

  • Business Continuity Cover (Key Person Insurance)
  • Business Succession Cover (Shareholder Protection)

Why is Corporate Planning Important?

Many scenarios could arise that would place your business under real distress. Corporate planning is the act of creating a long-term strategy to improve your business. A corporate plan is a roadmap laying out everything you need to do to achieve your future goals and reach new levels of success.

Coping if certain key individuals within your business became ill or passed away is vital to the success of your business. However, with the right insurance, you can ensure your business is protected and buy yourself the necessary time to help you overcome any difficult periods.

What Can KLO Corporate Services Help Me With?

When it comes to your business, many decisions you make will affect the future of you, your company, and the employees within your business too. At KLO Financial Services, we offer advice and support in several areas, including:

  • Pension consultancy
  • Auto-enrolment compliance
  • Group risk consultancy
  • Advise to members about getting the most out of their pension

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We are always eager and available to meet with you to discuss your financial objectives and assess your current strategies. No question is too big or too small. The first consultation is always free and comes with no obligation. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert financial advisers, get in touch today.

Corporate Financial Planning

Why KLO Corporate Services?

At KLO Corporate Services, we work with a wide range of businesses; sole traders, SME’s and small corporates from all different sectors. The one thing that our clients have in common is that they want to invest in the protection of their business and their people. We need to ensure we provide real value for this investment, whether it be for a one-off project or for our retained services.

What Our Clients Say?

KLO Financial Services

I have a had a great experience using KLO, was able to set up a call easily and got some good advice. I spoke with Terry and he was good to talk to so I would recommend giving him a call if this is something you need any help with!

KLO Financial Services

I have dealt with Matt Booton for many years and always had an excellent service and very good relationship.

KLO Financial Services

James provides clear, honest, professional guidance everytime.

KLO Financial Services

I cannot recommend James highly enough. He is completely professional, very knowledgeable, and very pleasant and helpful always.

KLO Financial Services

Steve has been great throughout the process of life assurance and pension switch.

KLO Financial Services

James has been my financial adviser for several years now, and I am continually impressed by his customer care, knowledge of the market, and attention to detail. During our regular face to face meetings, my finances are discussed and reviewed in a clear and practical way. If I have any questions, James is always on hand with easy to understand advice. And every decision we make together is promptly followed up. I can’t recommend James and KLO Financial Services highly enough. They are a company who genuinely care about their clients, and I feel comforted to know my finances are in such safe hands.

KLO Financial Services

I couldn’t be more pleased to have James Glavey at KLO as my financial adviser. He is doing really good things with my portfolio, but above all I trust him to do so and this is paramount for me.

KLO Financial Services

Dan has been ultra professional , explaining all my options in a straightforward way and his customer service and that of KLO has been first rate .

I would highly recommend Dan and the team at KLO.