Investing With A Conscience

Why Responsible Investing?

Sustainable, responsible and ethical investment fund solutions (SRI) offer investors the option to align their lifestyle choices, interests, values and opinions into investment planning.1

SRI first emerged in the 1980s and expanded and diversified significantly since early 2000s as a result of diverse investor aims, values and goals; thus giving rise over time to what are conventionally referred to as different ‘SRI Styles’.

Chartered Insurance Institute, Think Piece, “SRI: environmentally, socially and financially useful – and uniquely placed to help build trust”, by Julia Dreblow, Director of SRI Services at

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Factors Investing

What is commonly referred to as ‘ESG investing’ can be broken down into a number of sub-strategies.

These include:

  • ESG Integration, that the UN-PRI defines as “the explicit and systematic inclusion of ESG issues in investment analysis and investment decisions.”

  • Best in Class ESG Investment, which can be seen as an evolution of ESG integration, refers to the composition of portfolios by the active selection of only those companies that meet a defined ranking hurdle established by environmental, social and governance criteria.

  • Engagement & Voting, “a long-term process, seeking to influence behaviour or increase disclosure” regarding ESG matters. This approach recognises that investors have the power to change corporate behaviour through a continuous collaboration (and in some cases confrontation) with company management on ESG issues.
Background image - The table below contains a summary of the typical ESG factors

The table below contains a summary of the typical ESG factors²:

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