Why Should You Consider Smaller Income Funds?

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Many savers are opting for equity income funds in today’s world of low interest rates. These funds are likely to appeal to private as well as institutional investors thanks to their attractive track records and size.

However, larger UK equity income funds are less flexible than smaller funds, and may be able to sell holdings more quickly.

What are some smaller funds that you could consider?

Unicorn UK Income –

  • Size: £638m
  • Charge: 0.81%
  • Yield: 3.8%

Unicorn UK Income has delivered a total return over 36% since 2014. The fund favours small to medium sized companies, and top holdings include BBA Aviation and Victrex.

Premier Income –

  • Size: £417m
  • Charge: 0.84%
  • Yield: 4%

Premier Income is a consistent performer, delivering a total return of 110% since 2010. The fund’s top holdings include John Menzies and Imperial Brands.

What next?

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