Ethical Investing: What Do You Believe In?

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Normally when you make a decision you factor in what you believe, so why are your investments any different?

How do you factor ethics into decision making?

First of all, work out and define your beliefs, then make sure that any investments you make work both ethically, and to achieve your goals. One strategy of ensuring investments match your ethics first is ‘positive screening’. Positive screening is where you actively make investments to support your ethics such as investing in an environmental initiative that you believe in.

You can also do the opposite, known as negative screening. This is where you don’t invest in businesses that support industries you are ethically opposed to such as non-sustainable energy initiatives.

Can you achieve your financial goals with ethical investments?

Ethical investments don’t just need to support your beliefs, they also need to support your financial goals. Therefore, don’t just make an investment because it aligns with your beliefs. It is definitely possible for an investment opportunity to do both, and a financial adviser can help you find investments that suit your needs.

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