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Is it Time to Take a Risk?

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Many people over the age of 50 wish to maintain the lifestyle they had before retiring but are unwilling to make riskier investments to receive greater returns.

What are some tips on taking the first step towards a greater risk for your investments?

Be cautious, but not overcautious

When considering investments, it is important to be a bit cautious, but many people over the age of 50 become overcautious, struggling with investment risk. The temptation is to err towards wealth preservation, but this investment strategy of taking risk off the table can mean that you are not able to enjoy the lifestyle in retirement you are planning for. It is more important to invest smart, rather than invest simply because it is safe.

Be cautious, but not overcautious

There are many different strategies for retirement and retirement planning investments. One school of thought argues that a pre-to-post retirement portfolio should overall be focused on income-producing assets in order to cover most of the income requirements during retirement.

Others professional investors suggest instead that you should maintain the same level of risk from before retirement – continuing with investments geared towards capital growth (rather than investments to produce income).

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