Ethical Investing: What’s It All About?

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Every year people invest their money in funds in order to grow their wealth and receive returns that they would never get simply by leaving it in a savings account. The question is – how many of those people think about the ethical impacts of what their money is being invested in?

Investors do care

A growing number of investors are taking more of an interest in what their money is being invested in. People don’t just want to see a return anymore, they often want to see their money being used ethically and therefore having a positive impact. As more people are taking an interest in their investments, the ethical investment market is growing massively, particularly in the 18-34 age group.

Why are attitudes changing?

According to Barclay’s impact investing head Damian Payiatakis, the changing attitudes and trends towards ethical investing comes from the 18-34 age group being “more naturally comfortable combining financial and societal ambitions when investing” than older investors.

There is also a growing awareness concerning ethical investments, and the positive impact that these investments can have.

Does investing ethically mean lower returns?

Investing ethically doesn’t mean that you will receive lower returns, and with the market for such investments rapidly growing it is easier than ever to access ethical investments. But as with making any investment, it is important to get quality advice and consider your investment goals. If you’re looking for financial advice regarding ethical investments and funds, talk to our local financial adviser team today.

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