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What’s Next for 2020?

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As we entered the year 2020 and approached the anniversary of our fourth year in business, little did we know what troubles lay ahead. It appeared the recent political uncertainty had been resolved, Brexit was on the way, the global investment markets were pleased with what they were seeing and even Donald Trump and China were getting along.

Then on the 21st January, the World Health Organisation confirmed human-to-human transmission of 2019-nCov, now commonly known as Covid-19. Just ten days later, we had our first two confirmed cases in the UK, and now it’s hard to believe that the tally stands at just short of 30 million worldwide cases.

Who would have thought that as we chinked champagne glasses and waited for Big Ben to strike midnight, we would be experiencing such unprecedented events in the forth coming months.

From pub and school closures to a shortage of toilet roll, the last 6 months have been in many parts unbelievable. However, through such difficult times, we have also witnessed so many heart-warming moments.

Neighbours have been brought together, clapping and cheering for the fantastic work of our doctors and nurses. Communities are walking, cycling and running instead of bumper-to-bumper school runs and frustrating commutes. A genuine hero was lauded throughout the UK – Major Tom, a war veteran, a hundred years young decided to walk 100 laps of his garden and raised over a phenomenal £32m in the process.

The centurion also added a UK Number 1 song for good measure! With overnight market crashes, government bailouts, live sport with no crowds, holiday cancellations, high-street ghost towns and the introduction of furloughing, we have experienced some unique and remarkable situations.

The nation became stay at home tutors, transfixed on banana bread and PE sessions with a fitness trainer dressed in super-hero outfits. Organisations and celebrities gave their time and expertise to help, and we’ve also had the humorous commentary from the likes of Donald Trump – suggesting that everyone could drink bleach to cleanse themselves from the virus, and also Boris’ infamous and somewhat confusing speech, suggesting the public should not go to work if they can, but go to work if they can’t!

Confined to our homes, technology became everyone’s best friend. Even across generations, it became essential for both entertainment and to stay in touch with loved ones, which is testament to our ability to change and adapt where necessary.

The beloved tradition of the pub quiz continued despite the closures, thanks to the medium of Zoom and the Internet. Throughout all of this, our team have continued to deliver the service we pride ourselves on; working from home to continue to provide uninterrupted contact with our clients. The feedback received during this time is evident to the professionalism and dedication of our team of advisers and support staff. For this we we are truly thankful.

As the fear of a second wave hangs over us, like the summer rain clouds threatening to dampen our growing positivity, I write this article, wondering whats next? So many positives have emerged from these unprecedented times, such as increased closeness of families and beneficial environmental impacts, to a growing redirection of priorities towards things that really matter.

I can’t help but have a sense of pride for those around me that have just carried on as ‘normal’ in these highly ‘un-normal’ of times.

I hope that myself, my colleagues, our clients and the world in general, take the good from this all, and when Covid-19 becomes a time reminisced upon, once this is all over we are able to move forward into a better world; one more unified, joyful, mindful and appreciative of everything around us.

I look forward to reviewing the second half of the year, hopefully free from the virus but maybe not so free from the good it has inadvertently brought.

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This article first appeared in the 5th issue of our Insights Magazine, which you can read by clicking here.

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